Hi Weather Watchers, today Fall arrived very early this morning!!

Josh and Scott have been working hard on our Longterm forecast for the 2015 Fall – 2016 Summer.

We are excited to launch it next week. We will launch it in 30-90 day  increments and teach you how to use it. 

An awesome Kansas sunset a couple days ago that we forgot to share.

We need some moisture ( more than .25 -.50 ). We need a good soaker, over and inch to 1.5″ for farmers in some areas of central KS to plant their Winter wheat.

Let us know your soil conditions – are you waiting to plant?

Average temperatures this time of year are 75 to 80. We have been a slightly above to above average based on daily records in the last 6 weeks.

Lastly, let’s looks at ocean temperatures

Pretty amazing isn’t….all the areas circled are areas above average by 2-4 degrees-WHICH IS HUGE. Including the area along the Equator known as El Niño that has warmed by an incredible 2.7 degrees(almost a record ).

How will these warm Sea Surface Temperatures (SST’s) affect this upcoming weather pattern?  We think we know and will let you know when we release our longterm forecast.

Atmosphericly things are really changing! We are transitioning from the old pattern into the new with the typical end of summer jet stream hugging the Canadian border. 

This should change in the next 10-14 days as we get into the first portion of October.

We should see an area of showers over Central KS overnight into the morning hours tomorrow.

Total Precip should be less than .25-.35″

Stay tuned Weather Watchers 

Questions, please ask!