Good afternoon Weather Watchers!

The Anderson River Fire continues in Barber County. It has been named by the US Forest Service for a few days so that is how we will refer to it. 

The monthly drought update came out this morning and told us what we already knew. Abnormally dry ( Yellow ) to Moderate drought ( Tan ).

This is not good news for Kansas Farmers. 

The good news is we do see some precipitation developing tonight- here are what the models are predicting – it’s not much but may a quarter inch or so.

  As you can see by the above images- this piece of energy is a small compact system that will develop over Southwest Kansas the rotate Northeast through the State. The image where is begins to take on the comma shape is around 5 am. The areas to see the most moisture from this piece of energy will be NE Kansas. 

Another piece of energy will move through mostly the Southern portions of the State Saturday night into early Sunday morning making some SUNRISE SERVICES chilly and wet. 

We will update you tomorrow –

Have a great evening

Weather Watchers!