…Some incredible pictures coming out of Oklahoma…

Radar images showing the smoke plumes are IMPRESSIVE.

The above image shows SMOKE, not precipitation. Smoke is rising to around 26K!! It’s getting caught in the mid levels.

Multiple fires are ongoing in Western OK and the Texas Panhandle. These fires are very HOT and will likely be ongoing for days…especially with the strong and shifting winds over the next few days.

Oklahoma Forestry Service is calling tomorrows Fire threat “Historic”

I have never seen this large of a Pyrocumulus cloud….

Thank you @ashleyzumwalt

Additional images from @stevenanderson

This fire was approaching a Gas refinery around 2 1/2 hours ago.

One thing we have been noticing is the dryline – it is retreating West as they do in the evening…. the dryline retreating, or moving back West likely helped SAVE a community from devastation.

Let’s show you why…

Here are current conditions, the Brown line is the dryline.

The red circle is around Woodward where the dryline is still to the East – Notice that the winds on the West side of the dryline are out of the Southwest -the winds to the East if the dryline are out of the Southeast

As the dryline moved back West over the community of Seiling – the winds changed direction- out the SSE instead of the SSW allowing the fire to bare down on that community.

Along with wind direction changes the dryline INCREASES humidity or moisture ( hence the word DRYline) which will actually help slow the fires down somewhat.

Before the dryline moved through:

Can you see how the Fire has been pushed West??

We just wanted to update our followers about these fires in OK- They are by no means under control, evacuations are still in effect and these fires are no where near under control.

Weather changes play a huge role in how fires are worked. Fighting these fires over the next 24-36 hours are going to be very rough with High winds and changing wind directions.

Lastly – let’s look at the developing Storm- who can feel it?

The pressure is already down to 990mb – that’s a deep low and it’s gonna get deeper…

Here is the projected Storm at 2AM-

Notice is gets down to 986mb and it is forecast to deepen to around 980 which is as strong as a Cat 1 Hurricane!!

Ok- hope you learned a few things-

Let us know if you have questions

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