Good morning  Weather Watchers! 

Our first Fall like cold front will be making its way through the State in the next 48hrs. 

It will bring chances of Thunderstorms from Northwest KS Monday, then further East Tuesday.


The main threat Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening will likely be Heavy rain – with a hail threat early on each day- hail to the size of quarters possible with the strongest storms. Strong winds will also be possible. 

 After the front moves through temperatures will only make it into the mid 70s on Wednesday – it will truly feel like a Fall day with North winds and low humidities.

Another slight chance a rain Friday evening- followed by another strong  cold front moving through late next weekend. 

Based on our long term forecasting technique-we are moving into the wet and cooler portion of the current pattern. 

The accuracy of our forecasting technique during the pattern transition from this year to next – which we are in now- decreases greatly. 

Here are our thoughts for the next few weeks based of our forecasting technique- lets see how this plays out

This week below average temps with 2-3 chances of rainfall.

Week of Aug 23 – cooler with chances of Thunderstorms.

Week of Aug 30 – Chances of Thunderstorms early in the week drying up & warming up by the weekend.

Week of Sept 6 – a cold front or two with temperature fluctuations and a chance for rain.

Week of Sept 13 – Rainy-Cooler week.