Good morning Weather Watchers.

Here are overnight rain totals as of 6am:

The upper Low hasn’t moved very much and continues to spin over the desert SW- maybe moving a bit NE since yesterday.

You can see the storm system beginning to go through cyclogenisus ( wrapping up like a comma head).

The system will not move much to day which will keep the moisture training North into Central Kansas.

We have had .5-2.5″ of moisture and already hear  grumbling that the system is done– we have a day and a half of moisture streaming North plus a secondary system that will move through Tuesday night into Wednesday. 

3-5 inch totals are still our forecast for Central Kansas.

 Current radar: 
We will update you later..

To those with auto-immune issues- this system is such a slow mover- hang on- you will likely feel rough through mid week. Then temps increase significantly but so does our dewpoints…