Good morning Weather Watchers!

Here are the current conditions:

Rainfall totals from Midnight:

Thunderstorms will develop across Oklahoma later this morning and continue for 48 hours as a front stalls with an open Gulf of Mexico.

Like all Winter we are on the wrong/cool side of the system.

We have a few more chances of moisture this week but nothing to write home about…

Models are trying to bring COLD air into the Central US this weekend making for a very chilly Easter….

We are in the same pattern that we experienced right around the beginning of the second week of February- This is Wichita’s Climate history showing the date in column 1, the High for that day in column 2, the Low in column 3. Column 5 is the departure degrees from normal and column 7 is measured liquid precipitation that day.

This is Chanute for the same period:

Based on this information the next 10-14 days should be active with a wide range in temperatures. Will we see some frozen precipitation as well?? The temperature spreads during this period are just amazing.

What does this mean for Western sections- we will address that tomorrow.

Current Nationwide Weather:

Current Temps

Can you see the Warm front?

Current winds – can you see the counterclockwise winds wrap around the surface Low?

Have a great day!

Weather Watchers!