Here are the current FLOOD WARNINGS  

Here are some pictures of flooding – Weather Watcher Andrew Porter of Little River sent this image of the Little Arkansas river out of its banks North of Little River- as you can tell this road is impassable.

Weather Watcher Lyman Rate of Ark City sent this picture if the Arkansas River in Ark City running above flood stage.  


PLEASE POST IMAGES OF HIGH WATER AND FLOODING SO WE CAN SHARE THEM – we don’t need anyone from Weather Watchers endangering themselves! 


Today should remain mostly dry except for chances of Thunderstorms in South Central KS along a stalled out front- this is what the models are showing around 4pm-6pm

 I think this might be a little to far North.. Just be aware….Heavy rainfall will be the biggest threat. 


Thunderstorms should develop late afternoon in Western Kansas and trek East into the evening and overnight. SOME SEVERE WEATHER IS POSSIBLE IN WESTERN SECTIONS OF KS along with HEAVY RAINFALL. 

THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY is a period that will have to be watched as we will have increasing Wind Shear and Upper air energy – Heavy rainfall and the potential for SOME Severe storms look possible. 

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Flood Watches issued for these periods. 

Can you see the pieces of energy that will be affecting our weather on this Satellite image?


Here is the 500mb flow for Thursday- can you see the trough digging into the desert Southwest? 


Lastly you must see this incredible image from Houston TX- this is I-45 at Main Street- all of these vehicles and those in them had to be rescued overnight as one the the large Bayou’s overflowed. That would scare the heck out of me- rising water- bumper to bumper- your car starts to float… I can’t imagine… That’s why I, TURN AROUND SO I DONT DROWN!!

Have a GREAT DAY Weather Watchers!

REMEMBER- please post ANY pictures of FLOODING or areas getting close to flood.