As our 2015 LONGTERM Forecasting system begins to wind down and the NEW one begins to develop-the weight we place on the our forecast begins to decrease some- 

The models have been NO help as they have been all over the place.

We are going to stick with what we forecast almost a month ago-

We forecast this coming week that will be see above average temps initially with a cold front moving in providing chances of rainfall Labor Day through Wednesday.

You can see where the front is located:
This image is the radar simulation- for now through 7am. 

 We think it cools off later this week- warms up a day or two and then we see a COOLER than average week with additional chances of Thunderstorms- This is what our LONGTERM forecast says-keep in mind the week of the 13th is the cool/wet part of the pattern.
Will it verify??? 

Is our pattern still valid or is it morphing into the 2016 pattern already? 

We are going to stick with or LONGTERM forecast-