Good morning Weather Watchers…

A strong Cold front will be moving through the State later today into this evening ushering in Strong Northeast winds and cooler air.

As a result, Northwestern KS and far North Central KS should see some FROST on the pumpkin early Friday morning. 

*Thunderstorms possible SE of the Turnpike this evening….just be aware the potential exists.

Here are our CURRENT conditions around the region as of 9AM.

After this area of High pressure begins to move East Saturday- STRONG South/Southwest winds will start to pick up as the pressure gradient increases between the High to our East and a Lee trough in the Eastern plains of Colorado. 

These winds will increase Sunday and even continue strong through the nighttime hours until at least Tuesday night.

Still looking at Chances of Thunderstorms, with the best chances being Tuesday- Maybe a few strong storms – the dynamics for Severe Weather don’t look as good as they did a few days ago.


We must begin to talk about this as we have become abnormally dry in many areas of the State. Take a look at Texas – even with the 20 inch rainfalls last Spring they are already seeing Significant drought in Central TX.

The Super El Niño we continue to talk about has not shown any undue influence on Weather in the US to this point.

We have only experienced 3 of these Super El Nino’s since the late 1800’s. Do we really know the role it will play with our weather or are we assuming the typical El Niño weather pattern and what it produces.

We are not seeing anything like this developing at all..Notta, Zip, Zilch, Zero….. We do think we will see a pretty significant pattern change soon as that is what OUR Long Range forecast is predicting…we will see. 

Your thoughts/comments are welcomed…

This year could be one for the books and not because of El Niño…..time will tell. 

##Remember, jackets in the morning Friday/Saturday 

Slight Rain chances Monday nigh exiting Wednesday.

What a CRAZY time!!!

Scratching our heads.