Good morning-

The front was around 2 hours ahead of what we forecast:

Current position:

The Low is directly over Ft Scott with the trailing cold front moving through with STRONG NW winds increasing over the Western 1/2 of the State.

This area of Low Pressure and warm front that’s moving to our East will be the area to Watch for Severe Weather today.

A few STRONG Tornadoes are possible from Indianapolis to Memphis -that area will be in the Warm sector of this system.

Here is the Fire Weather threat map:

The cool air coming in from the Northwest will dry out our air providing us with very low humidities – this combination enhances the Fire threat especially with Winds gusting to 60mph through late afternoon.

Have a good day –

Keep us posted on any Fires in your area as well as Wind damage.

Still watching Friday’s storm- it will be a Cold and Windy day for most-

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