Good afternoon Weather Watchers!

It has been mostly cloudy this afternoon – clouds have been in the increase. The clouds are remnants from Patricia which is located very close to Brownsville TX.

Patricia will be a very affective rain producer and even though it has weakened SIGNIFICANTLY it still has some spin with it. This was spotted a few hours ago.

Texas has experienced significant flooding 15-20″ in some areas with additional flooding rainfall possible in the Coastal areas of TX and LA.



Tonight: A Frost advisory is in effect for the areas in blue. Temps will likely fall to around 34-36 degrees in these areas. 

If you have Fall plants- make sure they are covered TONIGHT.

Mon-Fri: Temperatures will be NORMAL to BELOW NORMAL all week.

A cold front moves through Tuesday( most likely dry).

A more significant moisture producing storm is POSSIBLE Friday-Saturday. WE WILL WATCH THIS SYSTEM CLOSELY.

If you have outdoor activities for Halloween – have a back up plan just in case.

We will keep you posted….

It is definitely going to be an interesting Fall and Winter….one like we haven’t seen in many years.

One of our Weather Watchers, Terry White, sent these to us to show  how dire the need for moisture is as Winter Wheat isn’t even coming up in many areas and if we don’t get appreciable moisture soon it is going to get worse for what has came us because the crop isn’t dormant yet because of warm temps.


Questions, please ask.


Our long term thoughts….