Hello Weather Watchers!

A STRONG area of Low Pressure will be developing in the Northern Plains today and as it moves East it will strengthen and cranking up WINDY CONDITIONS on the back side ( the cold side ) this will cause EXTREME FIRE CONDITIONS IN CENTRAL KANSAS as RELATIVE HUMIDITY FALLS INTO SINGLE DIGITS AS COOL DRY AIR WRAPS AROUND THE NORTH AND WEST OF THE LOW.

AGAIN, where this storm gets it act together, it’s to far East to provide the Central Plains with any moisture. Instead, we get the dry and windy conditions…..which produce EXTREME FIRE DANGER…..

Temperatures will be in the 40s for Highs this coming week with Lows in the 20s- NORMAL for this time of year.

Additional COLD/COLDER AIR is likely over the next week to 10 days…..NOT SEEING ANY MOISTURE CHANCES…..

MONDAY: High Temperatures will likely occur in the morning over Central KS as temperatures fall into throughout the day. Winds gusting to 40+mph will definitely put a CHILL in the air Monday so dress the kids appropriately!