Here is what to expect this week Weather Watchers. 

The first cool front moves through parts of the State tomorrow-

60s Northwest KS -70s Central-80s South and Southeast

As the week progresses cool air spills down from Canada- Freeze Warnings are out for Northern MN and ND.

We get another STRONGER SHOT of Fall Air Thursday. Increasing chances of showers and Thunderstorms cone into the picture Fri into Saturday when temps get really chilly- Highs 50s North to low to mid 60s South.

The Models are all over the board right now but one thing we can tell is that the jet is finally working South and it is also strengthening. 

Now is when we start paying close attention to where storms form and where they strengthen. We will be watching the atmosphere very closely in the next few weeks as it will provide us with the details of what to expect this Winter into next Summer. 

We think we have an idea but will be tweaking it through mid November.

 The BIG QUESTION is…How will El Niño affect Weather around the US.. 
Stay tuned…it will be interesting to see how this plays out. 

Have a good night!!