Good morning…

Let’s get right to it!

Here is today’s threat:

Here are where the boundaries will likely be….

Thing should begin to get underway around MAX heating 4-5 pm

Storms along the dry-line will be very isolated but any storm that develops along that boundary in Western KS has the potential for VERY LARGE HAIL and a Tornado.

We will watch closely.

The dry line seperates the very warm and moist air from the dry desert air that the SW Winds pull in.

As the moist air interacts with that boundary we could see a FEW Supercell storms- THIS REGIONS WILL HAVE A STRONG CAP…

Just East of the Low and along the Warm front in Nebraska expect the potential for widespread Severe Storm with VERY LARGE HAIL, STRONG WIND GUSTS AND THE POTENTIAL FOR TORNADOES-a couple which may be STRONG.


Those with plans on Saturday- especially over the Eastern 1/2 of the State are should be aware of the potential of multiple rounds of Thunderstorms – One in the early morning-around dawn – a second system by Mid afternoon. The second round will have the potential for SEVERE STORMS if the atmosphere can recharge itself- We think it may and it would affect areas ALONG & EAST of I-135

AGAIN- we could be off 30-50 miles so please check back.

This active pattern will continue through the first part of June…

MONDAY/TUESDAY timeframe has the potential to produce EXTREMELY HEAVY RAINFALL AS WELL AS SOME SEVERE STORMS….We are more concerned with the flooding potential at this time….