Hope you all are having a GREAT day!!

The Weather will be beautiful this weekend into next week. I realize that parts of Central, West Central and Northwest Kansas had a hard freeze early Thursday morning. Temperatures were in the 20s. If you farm, please let us know if you suffered any losses. Looking long term I am not seeing a significant cool down. I am seeing a more active period for moisture the first several days of April with a cool down around the 2nd-4th. As it looks now-Severe Weather should stay to our South.

Our website is very close to being finished. We have made some last minute changes. PLEASE sign up on our website by going to www.SevereWeather.US and clicking on Login if you are on a PC or if you are on a smartphone use the Select Page Menu and select Login.

We want you to sign up and fill out a profile so you can take advantage of all of the features this FREE site has to offer. You will NOT break anything and we are always here if you need help- additionally, we will NOT send you unwanted email. That is the LAST thing we would want to do. We want to send you PRIZE notifications.

In order to be able to participate in contest you MUST be signed up with us.

As we promised we will still be posting on Facebook. However, for the MOST up to date real-time information our Website is the best place to go. Add us as a favorite on you PC and add us as an icon on your smart phone menu and tablet. If you haven’t seen our LIVE updates, you are in for a real treat! We will also be taking LIVE phone calls/reports from you our Weather Watchers all over the State- this is where SHARE YOUR WEATHER comes in. You will notice we have that as a menu item as well- we encourage you to post pictures and a brief description of where you are and what you are seeing.

This is a FUN site we hope you will tell you friends, neighbors and co-workers about.

SIGN UP today! We need to give some rain gauges away!

Have a GREAT weekend Weather Watchers and thank you for transitioning with us to our NEW HOME!