Good evening Weather Watchers!

Here is the current radar as of 7:30 showing a line of Thundershowers moving East from a Great Bend to Liberal line.

These storms are the LAST pieces of energy from the Cut-off Low that has been hanging around for 7 days!

This image shows us the winds/vorticities at the 500mb level around 18,000 feet above the surface. The colors represent the wind speeds at that level. Remember why winds are important at that level?

Here is the SIMULATED Radar at midnight. Finally showing this Low moving on!!

Glad to see water standing in fields around Hutchinson where this forecast is being written this evening.


 Let us know your rain totals…

Big Warm up for the weekend with increasing Southerly winds. The potential for Severe storms could be increasing SUNDAY into the first few days of next week…STAY TUNED????????