Good evening Weather Watchers

Here is what we are currently seeing on radar- a very well defined Cold front with a large area of BLOWING DUST behind that front:

Courtesy of NWS Wichita:

Current Conditions:

If we had moisture this would have been a Severe Weather Outbreak. Instead we get 70mph winds and blowing dust with Wildfires to our South.

Please let us know what you experience as the front approaches.

Still seeing a nice signal for Rain this weekend- we forecast this last Friday- with a 1″-3″ amount IF we could get decent return flow after tonight’s front….not as confident that we will has as much moisture return this far North.

STILL, it looks likes we will see 1″ amounts with some 1.5″ amounts possible around South Central areas….THIS IS HOW OUR MODELS LOOKS NOW….Confidence in this forecast is Medium….

The latest Euro models keeps the heavier totals in Western OK-which they desperately needs as they have had CONSTANT WILDFIRES over the last week with more TODAY IN NW OK-

This is something we must watch….

Weather Watchers