Those very heavy precipitation shafts we saw earlier were very very dense… I was at a Basaball game not paying much attention to the few warnings that were issued. 

With my radar – I am able to see Storm reports the come through the National Weather Service office. 

They are white icons where the event occurred.


Once I click on the icon it tells me the event – then I can find out even more information by clicking on a secondary icon. 

  This is one way we keep up on things as they occur as they are real-time. 

This is why we ask you to always send your images ASAP and tell us where the event occurred. It’s very helpful so we can keep you informed. 

Another cool thing is these earlier storm put out an outflow boundary – this boundary is like a mini cold front – it can serve as the focus for additional storm development or it can hang out for several hours doing nothing but the next day it can still be in the area and serve as a trigger for Storms. 

Tonight’s outflow is trying very hard to form some storms. If you live in Hutvh and can see South- you will likely see something like this:

They are growing upscale as we have seen lightning. They literally are TRYING to form on top of Hutch. 


As soon as they were trying to develop they fell apart as they couldn’t overcome the CAP that is likely building in. 

Hope this helps explain a few things…

Have a good night!!