Good afternoon Weather Watchers!

The Storm System that is approaching us is going to be VERY STRONG Pressure wise!

The STRONG pressure gradient will cause High Winds in certain portions of the region- 55mph to 65mph gusts will be LIKELY.

Normal pressure is around 1013mb. We are expecting the pressure of a CATEGORY 2 HURRICANE, around 978mb to 976mb, with this storm system Tues into Wed.

The system will go through cyclogenesis (strengthening into a comma head) Tues into Wed over the Central Plains.

If you are one who struggles with pain from when the barometric pressure changes you will likely struggle Mon night -Thurs morning.

We are expecting HEAVY RAIN and Thunderstorms Tue/Wed:

Flooding is possible over Central/South Central Kansas-

We will continue to keep you posted as this Storm begins to make its way towards us.

**Blizzard conditions could be possible across NW KS /NE CO Tues into Wed.

This is a developing storm- we will keep you posted.

Have any questions, please ask

Weather Watchers