Good morning Weather Watchers!

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The warm front that has been hanging around Kansas has moved North of the area leaving behind HOT temperatures and HIGH dewpoints. 

Here are current conditions as of 11am:


 Current Satellite  
The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for the Eastern half of Kansas Sunday into Monday. 

It will be HOT throughout the entire State but a combination of High temps and High dewpoints with cause HEAT INDICES to be 105-110 in the area outlined in Orange. 

Actually air temperatures, not including the HEAT INDEX – add 5 to 7 degrees to get the “feels like” temperature.

 We are seeing some signs of late afternoon heat induced Thunderstorms ( VERY ISOLATED ) as well as Nocturnal (overnight) convection this coming week. 

We will take a look at what the NAM Model has been consistently showing- and analyze it later this afternoon- it is totally opposite of what the GFS is showing but it does conform to our LONGTERM forecast pattern showing a meandering boundary that would be focus for Thunderstorm chances.

Have a GREAT SATURDAY Weather Watchers!

Check back late this afternoon.