Hello Weather Watchers- we track what equipment you are using to view our site. 80% are on Smartphones.

OU, Oklahoma University has one of the best meteorology programs in the Country. It has developed an App that lets us track what kind of Weather you are experiencing. We have promoted this App before

You can help us immensely if you use this App “real time” when any type of weather is occurring.

The App is called “mping”

This is what it looks like:

After you open the App you click on “Select Report Type” and click one of these categories below…

Once you have clicked on “Type” it will drill down even more- they want as accurate data as possible.

As an example, click on Rain/Snow it then asks you to select what best describes what you are experiencing;

If you were reporting Wind Damage it would ask you to click one of the following:

“Flood” would provide you with these options:

By providing this information, we can have REAL TIME reports and can see exactly what street they area coming from – whether it’s in a city or a rural area.

This would be very helpful if our Farmers that followed us would report things they saw when outdoors…

As you saw the last few days, it was very helpful when we had additional data – the Freezing Precip is hard to forecast because of many variables.

PLUS, it is a great tool during SEVERE WEATHER – please work with us and use this free tool to help us provide even better forecasts and information to other Weather Watchers and meteorologists.

Once you make your reports it immediately pops up on our radars- your info is important-

Here is what we see-

See the little Cloud icon just NW of Moundridge? That’s a mping report.

See the one by Hutchinson?

Here are some flood icons from Arkansas today:

It gives us this info as soon as you report on mping – we can get more info by clicking through – it tells us the exact location of the report via a map – we can drill down to the street level…. see what a great tool this could be to help us?

Most all of you like, enjoy or are scared of Weather. This allows you to help us help others – you are providing GROUND TRUTH!!

Remember a few posts in the last few days where it looked like it was Snowing like crazy on the radar but it wasn’t???

This was one of the radar images….. NOTHING WAS MAKING IT TO THE GROUND- If you were underneath on of those snow bands and saw that nothing was happening you could make a report to verify that nothing was occurring!

Same with very low level freezing drizzle that radar might not pick up on-

If you enjoy weather- this is another way you can help others- WE STILL WANT YOUR PICTURES AND COMMENTS but this information goes to ALL Weather agencies from the NWS to the Weather Channel to Local Emergency Managers.

If you would like to help us- we encourage you to download the App and play with it- you can Test it from time to time- and we could even have a contest asking Weather Watchers to give us a TEST signal within an hour to see who all is using mping- we could do it b county or part of the State! You know us- we will be creative and try to educate you at the same time we are having fun.

Let us know when you download it and if you have questions, please ask- one of our staff will always help walk you through it….It’s FREE and it can help you and Weather Watchers all over the region!

This mornings weather threats:

USE YOUR MPING to let us know how foggy it is in your area!!

Please post your reports as well as including if you are seeing FREEZING FOG….

This is why our Fog is forming:

We will update you soon on this evenings system- Who could see ICY conditions late tonight and who will just see rain……