Hi Weather Watchers! We wanted to show you why we are getting the freezing drizzle.

Based on the position of the Low, it is drawing warm air called Warm air advection  North ( around 3500′). As the moisture falls, it falls as Snow around 7-10,000′, the snowflakes warm enough just to thaw into a liquid and once it falls it freezes on contact.

As you know, it doesn’t take much moisture to make streets, sidewalks and driveways very slick.

As the Low moves East winds usher in COLD air at all levels of the atmosphere. Any moisture would fall as Snow. 

Hope this helps explain why we are seeing freezing drizzle.

The area circled in Red has the best potential to see freezing drizzle and slippery roads.

Here is KDOT’s current hazard map- Roadways colored in Pink and Blue are HAZARDOUS!



Let us know what you are experiencing!