Good early morning Weather Watchers…This system is going to be the STRONG system we originally thought it would be- the models just played games for 3 days and now they have finally come together.

Here are the current threats…we will go area by area:

This storm will impact MILLIONS of people. LIFE THREATENING FLOODING/SEVERE WEATHER IN THE AREAS IN GREEN– A Blizzard in the areas of Red and Heavy Snow/Ice potential in the Pink and Blue. 

If you are traveling home- do it today…. The longer you wait the greater your risk of getting stranded. Sunday-especially Sunday evening and Monday will be the time frame when this Winter storm cranks up over Kansas.

As far as Snow accumulations expect 5-10″ in most areas- We do believe ICE will be a issue- the question is exactly where..Our current thought are along and either side of I-135 could see SIGNIFICANT ICING – upwards of  .5″ is possible.

Now let’s talk WIND– North winds will be gusting to 45 possibly 50 mph as this storm begins to crank up. 

This is the EURO model – we think it has overdone the amounts- but you get the idea 

We will provide additional updates!
Questions, please ask….