Hello Weather Watchers!

Our followers should not be surprised – THIS PATTERN CONTINUES TO REPEAT….

Let’s take a look at the Regional threats:


NW Winds will lower humidities making the FIRE THREAT: EXTREME

We are seeing another STRONG Front later in the week as we told you about yesterday.

Moisture signals looks weak and off to our East and Southeast.

Expect lows Tuesday night in the teens North to the 20s South.

A warm up to close to Normal temps will begin West to East Wednesday into Thursday –

Highs Friday will likely occur in the overnight hours with FALLING TEMPS during the day Friday!!


We stay cold to chilly over the Eastern 3/4 of the State on Saturday with strong return flow ( strong Southerly winds ) ushering in warmer near normal temps over the Western 1/4

Real quick- looks at the differences in Models for Friday- DONT GET EXCITED



The GFS shows a big return flow – between Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon- We are not seeing that – the precipitation stays to our Southeast-


Please keep us posted on conditions in your area….

Weather Watchers