Good evening Weather Watchers!

A Storm will be strengthening as it encounters STRONG upper level winds. The system will produce WARNING CRITERIA winds ( 55-60mph ) most of the day Thursday across Southwest, South Central Kansas and areas of Western Oklahoma and the Panhandles. STRONG North Northwest winds will occur in most all areas of Western KS and OK.

IN ADDITION…. EXTREME FIRE DANGER is likely across South Central Kansas- East of a Hutch/ Medicine Lodge line to around a Yates Center/Independence line.

There might be a few sprinkles and flurries Wed night into Thursday around noon- the more significant precipitation will be East and South of the I-35 Corridor (Turnpike).

We will provide more details late tonight or first thing Wednesday.

For Chiefs fans- it shouldn’t be as Windy on Thursday night at Arrowhead but rain showers are possible…AS IT LOOKS NOW…

Here is the AO we are always watching…notice that the 13 different model members that make up that index have no idea what happens after mid December- We do….

Many of you have been asking about a White Christmas… Based on our forecast technique, a storm should be close by…

If you are one that Watches models…don’t…they are of no help. The solutions are all over the place.

On our next update will update you on the El Niño Conditions in the Pacific…and how that affects our forecasting.

Any questions, please ask!

Stay tuned….

Weather Watchers