Good Friday evening Weather Watchers.

Our Weather here in the Central Plains is boring for Weather enthusiasts. 

Farmers need moisture and some in the Western 1/3 of the State will likely see some overnight into tomorrow morning.

 Here are what the models are showing around 7am
Then 10am:  
1pm: The moisture field begins to fall apart.   

Saturday looks like a nice, cool, Fall day in Kansas.

 50s West to 60s East…. 
 RECORD FLOODING looks LIKELY from tonight through Monday morning in the Mid Atlantic-especially South Carolina…

 19-24″ looks very possible in the bullseye -That kind of moisture could create DEADLY Flash Flooding.  

The reason for this amount of moisture is a Cut-off low that is going to sit and spin in the Southeast US.

The image below shows this piece of energy- if we could animate this it would be spinning counterclockwise bringing in an abundance of moisture from the Atlantic 

You can also see another Vorticity coming ashore in Southern CA that will give us here in the Central Plains chances of moisture midweek.  

Any questions- please ask….

Watching this pattern fade and another pattern form/morph is amazing. 

We will have a good idea of what to expect this next 6-8 months VERY VERY soon!!

Stay tuned!!