Hi Weather Watchers!

We are confident of a Storm system in the area around the Holiday as it has been repeating since November.

Here is a reminder I set on my phones calendar:

This storm was the Winter Storm/Blizzard that bombed out in Southeast CO/ SW Kansas and had a pressure reading of 972 millibars, that of a Cat 2 Hurricane!!!

The pressure fell 24 mb in only 13 hours!! This occurred on March 13th.

In order for a storm to be called a bomb cyclone, the pressure must drop 24mb of Pressure in 24 hours. This storm did it in 13 hours!!

The dynamics of this system in July will be quite different due to seasonal differences, but it is RIGHT ON SCHEDULE according to our Long Term Forecasting technique….and it was one of our signature storms that we followed all season.

Let’s see how it affects us this time around.

Until it develops we must deal with the HEAT & INTENSE HUMIDITY.

The areas in Orange have a Heat Advisory during the DAYTIME HOURS as Heat indices will be approaching 103-107!!!

I’m writing this blog today from my phone as we are all on vacation. Sorry for the quick info but I wanted to share these interesting facts with you about our repeating storm systems….hopefully many of you will begin better understand our theory that storm systems develop in Oct-Nov and then cycle throughout the year….This long term forecasting can affect industry, agriculture, consumer needs, outdoor sporting events and many other outdoor events.

Have a great day and stay hydrated if you must be out doors




We will keep you posted!!

Weather Watchers