We have picked a few locations to show you the air temp – dewpoints – feel like temp. 

The hottest Air temperature is Hill City in NW Kansas at 102 – add in the dewpoint and the feels like temp is 105. 

Hutchinson only has an air temperature of 96 but add in the dewpoint and it feels like 105.
Chanute has an air temp of only 92 but a dewpoint of 75…WOW!! The feel like temp is 103…11 degrees higher than the air temp.


Here is Topeka’s currents… Extremely humid with mid 70s dewpoints! Makes it miserable!!!


 Russell’s dewpoints are in the upper 60s with air temps around 100, giving Central Kansas feel like temps in the mid 100s.

We will heat up a few more degrees…

###### Satellite ######


This image show some bright white clouds that I have underlined. That is wind shift trough. To the Northwest side of the trough it is drier ( lower dewpoints) with the winds out of the NW-very light.

To the SE of the trough moisture is pooling with HIGH dewpoints.

Those bright white cloud tops are cumulus clouds trying to form Thunderstorms. 

This will also occur tomorrow with better chances of ISOLATED to WIDELY SCATTERED afternoon/evening Thunderstorms.


We will do the same…..