Good morning Weather Watchers!

Many FLOOD WARNINGS continue this morning across Central KS.

Widespread heavy rain last night produced totals of 1-3″ in many areas.

We didn’t have the widespread significant winds that were forecast which was GREAT NEWS!

Tell us how this system affected you and your rainfall totals…

The lightest Green color is estimating at least 1″, the dark Greens are 2″

Yellows are 2.5″ estimates

Reds estimate 4-5″ – we have a confirmed 4″ rain total just South of Ellsworth.

Here is the K-State Mesonet, showing the latest 24 hour totals:

Look for a mostly cloudy day – Heavy Rains to our South-

A few Severe Storms Monday in Southeast portions of the State.

Highs Tues-Sat in the Low 80s

Low Tues morning in the 50s…

Highs next weekend in the 70s?? Stay tuned!!


Weather Watchers