What an amazing Hurricane! The STRONGEST EVER recorded Hurricane in the Western Hemisphere!! 
Sustained winds of 221mph, gusts to 245mph

Lowest recorded pressure was 879mb ( 1012 mb is a normal pressure here in the Sunflower State) A strong storm for the Central US is 980 mb!

The storm surge these pressures created are likely 20-25ft maybe higher. Waves in the Ocean prior to landfall were likely to 40 ft or more.


The most amazing thing is that this storm went from a CAT 1 to CAT 5 in a 27 hour period. THAT IS INSANE!!

This is exactly what an El Niño can do. This Hurricane needed that Hot water to intensify as quickly as it did…just amazing. 

November 1st is when the typical Hurricane season ends- I would not be surprised to see additional tropical development as we go through November.

I love this next image as it shows the system that was falling apart over the Central US last night- can you pick out KC, Salina or Wichita?

I am writing another post on our weather here in the Central US and the potential for storm around the 30th….

Questions, please ask….

 UPDATE: Patricia is such the real deal. An Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft flew into the hurricane last night and directly measured these winds using advanced instruments on the aircraft and via dropsondes released from the aircraft and into the hurricane. They measured winds of 221mph for 1 min.

Humans directly measured this thing.
This historic feat took everyone by surprise. No weather models predicted this, and just a few short days ago, even the most experienced meteorologist would have laughed if you mentioned the possibility. It is a feat of Mother Nature that a small swirl of clouds would soon become a storm that is now The Storm by which all others will be compared for decades to come.
The storm was so intense that the air temperature up in the hurricane’s eye, thousands of feet above the surface, was 89°F. 89°F!!!!