Hi Weather Watchers!! Many of you message us for private forecasts when you have something going on in your community- we are going to start sharing the events and the forecasts for those events…Keep your requests coming!

Let’s take a look at the Hutchinson Christmas Parade forecast for tomorrow morning- 2 words.. DRESS WARM!!

A Strong Cold front will make its way through the State tonight:

The freezing line begins to move into Northern sections of the State by Sundown. The cold front will be just ahead of that 32 degree line.

A Warm Air Advection snow  begins as gulf moisture moves North and over the top of the shallow cold air. Most of Iowa could see 6-8″. It will be a very wet snow event.

 SATURDAY MORNING TEMPS…We will have COLD North winds 15-25mph at the beginning of the Parade -10AM- giving you wind chills in the 20s….Winds will be easing done by early afternoon but Statewide temps will struggle to get out of the 30s.

If you go to the Parade get there early- it is one of the largest Christmas parades in the State.

We are planning on sharing what kind of weather we are experiencing via Periscope.

Let’s look ahead to next week and look at what we are seeing in the models now…

How many of you are traveling?? 

Rain begins Wednesday night around 6pm with a STRONG cold front way to our North… Temps Wednesday should be in the low to mid 60s Wednesday based on current model trends.
  Rain and Thunderstorms look to continue most of the overnight into Thanksgiving day. That COLD front races towards us and we COULD see SNOW in Northwest sections of by late morning/early afternoon Thanksgiving day. 

Precipitation should move East of the area by Friday morning- We are anticipating a very COLD and WINDY BLACK FRIDAY…. 
 This is still some question as to the cold air and how far South it makes it… 

We are getting more and more confident with the Precip forecast. 

We are still 7 days out and things can change – Please stay tuned as this is the biggest travel week of the year –with a potential storm looming here in the Central Plains we want you to have all the info you need…

Let us know if you have an event in your community that you want us to forecast for. We would be glad to spotlight your community and your event.

Have a great day….