We have been asked to make Hutchinson residents aware of this program that will help the Elderly, Disabled or those who need help due to financial reasons, get their tree damage cleaned up and hauled off.


If you know of anyone that is unable to remove fallen limbs (no cutting or trimming if it is attached to the tree/no removing from roofs/nothing removed close to power lines – residents need to have a certified arborist do that) that is elderly, disabled or unable to financially remove fallen debris from their residence, please have them call 2-1-1 (it’s answered 24 hours a day). They will be fielding calls for the Reno County VOAD – Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters. 

 This group consists of a group of concerned organizations (social services/emergency management/Reno County/City of Hutchinson/United Way/Interfaith Housing/a variety of local churches/American Red Cross/Salvation Army, etc.) that coordinate services to help citizens through times of disaster. 

 If you know of a group of volunteers that would like to assist in the clean up – please have them contact Jeff Thomson at Interfaith Housing Jefft@IHS-Housing.org 620.960.4550. 
If Weather Watchers can help spread the word for your community when it comes to storm clean-up or volunteers needed after a storm, we are more than willing to do what we can.

Remember, we will always promote things going on in your community as well as a forecast for that event- just message us…