Hello Weather Watchers- we are still dealing with this system and will continue to until MONDAY!!

A prolonged event…The most significant portion is over, it becomes a nuisance event now with CONTINUED episodes of Freezing drizzle/rain through Monday morning. 

Here is the current threat map just updated by the NWS.

Models show the potential for overnight freezing precip-

Temperatures should remain at or near freezing for daily highs through Sunday – we warm into the mid 30s for Highs Monday with some SUNSHINE possible.

A weak low develops in SW Kansas Monday afternoon and draws down cold/cool air Tues and Wed- High in the 30s/40s — lows in the 20s.

TRAVEL CONDITIONS ARE STILL TRICKY – if you plan on traveling tonight or in the morning watch for BLACK ICE on the roadways through around noon Saturday and then again Sunday night into Monday morning.

Please keep us posted what you experience in your neck of the woods.