Hi Weather Watchers!

Wanted to show you why we are getting rain and also show you if we had this set up in the Spring why it would be a Severe Weather event.

Let’s start with the Satellite image.

Here are the surface conditions:

Radar image:

If we had Spring dynamics in place we would be looking a SEVERE WEATHER.

Remember these little systems that have moved through – in a different environment, much different effects.

This is why we are thinking this Spring will be an ACTIVE Severe Weather season here in the Central Plains. Spring may show up sooner than we think – 

I think we will see a Severe Weather event followed by a potentially significant Winter system around the 20-23 of February based on our forecasting technique.

Put that on your calendar….

Any questions, please ask.

If you have your rain gauge out- let us know your totals then make sure and put it away before the COLD AIR moves in. 

The latest GFS is now showing just a dusting Friday night into Saturday. Something we will watch for you. 

Lastly, if you are heading to Chicago this weekend- that area COULD see a significant  SNOW Saturday night-Sunday as our system rapidly intensifies once it moves to our Northeast.