Hey Weather Watchers!!

As we have been discussing for some time. This wacky weather pattern is due to change very soon. Likely this weekend.  Once the change begins we will see close to a month of one storm after another moving across the Central/Southern plains. 

We will likely see Winter Weather as well as Severe Thunderstorms in the Southern areas. 

Models are indicating some very chilly Arctic air by Christmas- will it verify??  THATS ONE BIG QUESTION and something we must watch!

We see a storm in the area Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Here is what the models are showing for Christmas Day:

Snow North and West side of the Low,( the Cold side) – Severe storms in the Warm sector or the South East side.


This storm will change many times before Christmas, but we are CONFIDENT it will be around and affect some portions of the Plains – We can tell you already Christmas week will likely see some travel troubles. The when, where and what will become clearer as we get closer. 

Have questions, please ask.

This Winter pattern will be very interesting to Watch develop….

Stay tuned….