Hello Weather Watchers!

We are on that temperature rollercoaster!! Having fun yet??

We could see 80F in SW Kansas- mid 70s in parts of South Central areas tomorrow….. before a cold front drops South Thursday late afternoon- where ahead of the front temps will likely reach 70F (30f-40f above normal)

With these warm temps and SW winds ushering in dry air ???FIRE DANGER will be HIGH WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY ???

We cool down Friday:

We then warm up Sat-Mon before another cool front a week from today.

….Still not seeing moisture for KS….

We are seeing signs of the potential for some deep moisture just off to our SE.

This Thursday night/Friday cool front is on the Southern Edge of some very cold air that won’t make it this far South. It is actually the return of the New Years Eve/New Years Day Cold front -but it modifies significantly before it makes it this far South.

This could be a sign that Spring will be early this year- it was mid to late May the last 2-3 years before we saw our last freeze as well as Spring time temps and Gulf moisture..,