Good late afternoon Weather Watchers! 

Here is what current conditions looked like around 4pm CDT:

Mid an upper 90s in Central KS as well as Central KS.

The BIG warm up was caused in part by very strong winds perpendicular to the Rocky Mountains….Do you know what that is called??  Correct answers will be entered for a drawing for a Weather Watchers Sweat Shirt tomorrow morning.

Let’s see the Temps in the Southwestern US.

Here is the culprit that caused those  winds-HIGH WINDS WARNING were in effect for the Dakota’s this afternoon–This is the SURFACE image that shows where the Low is located –the arrows we added show the windflow—look at Nebraska and see what direction the Wind is coming from…. That should help you figure out the term we are looking for.

The next image shows the 500mb level of the atmosphere.
Will this be part of our new pattern?  Are we still transitioning??

Unfortunately we think this will be the warmer portion of out pattern followed by an eventual cool down.

Expect cooler temps Mon-Fri followed by a much more significant cool down next weekend and the potential for moisture after the 20-23rd. 

Let us know the phenomenon we are looking for-

Questions, please ask…