If you are a farmer or a gardener, you are likely frustrated with Mother Nature as a Significant freeze is/ has occurred in Central KS.

The 1029mb High, which is a Strong High, centered over Hutchinson with temps falling to 23 degrees for over 3 hours. Current temp at 7:30am is 25 degrees in Hutchinson. 

Here are the recorded lows from the automated recording stations as of 7:15am. 


I am somewhat frustrated that the Wichita National Weather Service didn’t even issue a Freeze Warming notifying the public to protect  vegetation –  unlike there counterparts in other offices. 


The areas in Light Blue/Dark Blue are Frost and Freeze Warnings. 

As an agricultural State don’t you think it would be important to advise the public a KILLING freeze is possible?  Absolutely amazing that a group of Weather enthusiasts had to sound the warning yesterday on Social media. 

As the High moves quickly off to the East, South winds will return ushering in warmer are very quickly- that is called return flow. Increased temps and humidity will be headed North bringing chances of Thunderstorms back to parts of KS by Midweek. 

We will provide a later update.

LASTLY– EXTREME Fire Danger is expected over the Western 2/3rds of the State today (areas in RED) BURNING IS NOT RECOMMENDED IN THOSE AREAS.