Tornado Warnings are already in effect for Southern, Central and Northeast Oklahoma-

HEADS UP Southeast KS!!

This is an 11 hour Tornado Watch, fairly rare… just let’s you know the dynamics are present for Significant Severe Weather including Tornadoes, Very Large Hail and Heavy rainfall causing flooding…

I want to include the graphic below showing the risk for Tornadoes is HIGH as well as Severe Winds and Hail…

A Confirmed Tornado is occurring in South Central Oklahoma approaching Ada, OK-

These storms are moving very quick to the Northeast at 40-50mph!

Heavy rains and flooding will be the a big threat across Eastern KS where 2-5″ are LIKELY… areas to the West and SW 1-3″ are possible…

We will show you WHY all this is happening in a post a little later-

It’s a classic SEVERE set-up!!


Please let us know what YOUNate experiencing!!