Wanted to show you that showers are trying to form along a narrow moisture plume that we can identify by Dewpoints from the Current Condition map:

We circled some of the highest Dewpoints within the moisture plume(the area in Orange) the two locations we circled are Hutchinson in KS and Enid in OK. Look at the Green numbers- those are the Dewpoints – Enid’s dewpoint is 60 degrees, Hutchinson’s is 58. That is enough moisture to produce Showers-or even a Thunderstorm.

What we need is a trigger to- that seems to be missing but will likely increase as we get a little later in the evening. If anything forms it should form between Great Bend and Lindsborg and Pratt to Wichita.

Here is the radar that’s picking up n that low level moisture we showed you on the map above:

Here is the satellite that shows the moisture we are pointing out at different levels as well as the Cold front.

The white arrows are pointing at that low level moisture plume. If you look at it real close you can see the difference in colors.

If you look to the Northwest you can see the cold front just getting ready to enter the state indicated by the Blue arrows. The COLDER AIR air is actually lagging around 75-100 Miles- Colder Air is a brighter color than that of the Cold front. These are all little things we must identify when looking at a Water Vapor Satellite image.

We will see if we can get a few Storms to Fire – ????

Weather Watchers!!