Hello Weather Watchers-

Remember part of now casting is looking outside to see what’s happening around us- next let’s looks at Regional Conditions/Satellites/Radar….

Based on where you are what do you see and what are you feeling?

Some are seeing clouds, some can see clearing, many are feeling strong gusty winds behind that Pacific Cool front….

Lets take a look at what else we are seeing….

Here are Regional Conditions:

An elongated area of Low pressure is forming in Central OK through NE Oklahoma.

You can see everything much clearer on the Satellite images:

As you can see a Short wave or piece of energy is located in SE Colorado. That energy will move East along the KS/OK border bringing chances if shower to South Central, East Central and Southeast KS as well as Northern OK beginning after dark through the overnight hours.

The last image is the Water Vapor image you can tell the moisture ( white color ) vs the dry air ( black color ) if you look up you will be able to see that thin boundary that separates the cool dry air to the NW to the somewhat warm and slightly moist air just ahead of that line.

Next let’s look at the radar:

It shows some light precipitation in NE New Mexico – the area of Low Pressure is moving East and will run into some additional moisture as it moves into the Central Plains as that elongated Low pulls moisture up from the South…this is what’s going to allow for the scattered showers to develop between 7-10pm

Still watching some VERY COLD AIR that could be headed South by Mid next week….Will we be issuing our FIRST Arctic Air Watch of the season??? Could be…. Additionally a Storm system could be close by…..


Questions- please ask….