Good afternoon Weather Watchers!

We are watching the jet stream split into 2 separate branches off of the California coast. 

This is what it looks like today at around the 500mb level or 18000′ 
With a Split flow, weather systems move quickly through each branch of the two streams while the pattern becomes stagnant in between.

Here is an example that will occur this week 

 This is the 500mb level chart just showing the vortices moving through.
The Southern branch will bring SoCal 5 chances of rain and Thunderstorm this week alone!! It will take MONTHS of rain to overcome the drought but this is a start. 

We have seen this before with multiple fast moving systems moving into the Pacific Northwest bringing them lots of rain. The pattern continues to cycle.

A trough develops to the West of Kansas Tuesday evening. Remember that Moisture, Lift and Instability is always to the right of a trough- so expect cloudy skies with on and off showers maybe some areas of mixed wintry precip during the overnight/early morning hours.

This system will rotate Northeast by Friday the 8th.

Arctic Air looks to trek South this coming weekend bringing with it chances of flurries. Most models bring the core of the cold air right over Kansas by mid next week then moves it East allowing return flow ( warmer temps and South winds ) 

Look at where the AO index is headed- it definitely coincides with the Arctic Air outbreak.

The Weather pattern should become more active as we move towards the middle to end of January and February. February looks VERY active.

Have a good day Weather Watchers!