Good morning Weather Watchers!

Hope you are not sick! The CDC has Kansas and all surrounding States as having a WIDESPREAD FLU outbreak…Influenza A seems to be the biggest issue.

Wash your hand frequently, avoid crowds if possible and stay home if you are ill so you don’t infect others.


Tonight ( Saturday )

Northeast sections of the State has the best chances for a Trace-2″ overnight tonight as a piece of energy move South/Southeast late tonight:

Could see some slippery roadways as temperature will be below freezing with the very cold temperatures we have had in the last several days.


We briefly warm up Sunday ahead of a Strong Arctic Cold front. The front will provide enough lift to cause frontogenesis producing Snowfall – the best area for Snow production will be over the Northeast quarter of the State where another 1″-3″ is possible. The Kansas City Metro area snow drought could be over!!

TRAVEL will likely be tricky Monday morning through the Flint Hills and Northeast KS.

Here are our graphics:

Decent Sunday for most:


Snow Totals

Total Snowfall totals from BOTH Saturday night and Sunday night/Monday morning events:

We SLOWLY warm up Wed – Fri with temperature becoming Above normal by Friday into next weekend.

Those of you in South Central KS your best chance for flurries will be Monday morning- IT WILL BE VERY COLD AND WINDY AS WELL…

Have a great weekend- We could see a Winter Weather Advisory issued for Northeast section tonight and Sunday night- we will keep you posted!

Weather Watchers