Hi everyone!

Our next piece of energy moves through late tomorrow night, it should produce an inch or two of Snow as we wake up Wednesday morning.

The rest of the week looks COLD with below normal Temps. 

Highs in the 20s/30s, Lows in the teens-this looks to last a for some time. Looking at the Arctic Oscillation forecast, it goes strongly negative over the next 10-14 days which would verify our colder temperatures! 

That is also an indication that any storm systems we see should have cold air to work with. 

The next series of Storms we are expecting here in the Central and Southern Plains, based on our long range forecast technique, should be late the week of the 3rd.

They are showing up on models- let’s just keep our eyes on these 2 systems coming out of the Southwest.

FIRST storm:   
Storm 2:  
This gives us something to watch for in the coming days.

I’m sure they will take on many different looks but we are looking for a major system after the 3rd around the Central Plains.  

If you have questions- please ask.

Have a great evening everyone!