Hello Weather Watchers!

Like always during Winter months we have been watching the AO “Arctic Oscillation” and the NAO “North American Oscillation”.

Let’s look at their history over the last 4 months



The AO has been on a rollercoaster all Winter while the NAO has been positive since mid November.

Will this change in both indices give us a Spring Chill in March?? Could be…. Will it provide a blocking pattern that will lead to increased moisture chances here in the Central US?

Seeing both of these indices go negative typically brings VERY COLD AIR from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast.

The GFS Model which goes out 14 days hasn’t caught on to these POTENTIAL AO/NAO changes just yet…it is something we are definitely watching.



Tonight – Mostly Cloudy with NW winds increasing to 15-25mph and gusty. Lows in the teens Northwest to mid to upper 20s Southeast.

Friday- Mostly Cloudy and Breezy Highs in the upper 20s North to upper 30s South.

Friday night- Chilly with lights winds. Lows in the upper 20s to Low 30s.

Saturday- Warmer with winds becoming Southerly as return flow kicks in. Highs in the 50s West to 40s East.

Sunday- Warm with South winds increasing. Temps around 60 in most areas.