Hi Weather Watchers!

The potential for a few a few low topped Supercells could be possible Saturday into Sunday. 

They are powerful storms even though they are not the “norm” in Severe Weather producers. 

Low topped Supercells are only 20-25K feet high compared to 50k ‘ for regular Supercells. 

Here are a few images we picked up of Low topped Supercells.

These storms develop along a Boundary, usually a Warm front. Dewpoints are typically 50-55 degrees with temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. Cape is around 500-750 j/kg. The key is mid-level winds around 18,000 – and cold air aloft. It sets the stage for these dangerous storms. 

Will we see some Low-topped Supercells with this system? The potential is there. 


We will see how things look in the morning. It is something you might not hear from anyone else. We think the potential is there and you need to be aware as these systems are not your typical MONSTER STORM….PLEASE STAY TUNED….

Lastly, confidence is HIGH for heavy rainfall. Saturday through Tuesday.

We will update you in the morning…

Questions, please ask….