Light snow is on tap tonight starting in SW KS moving Northeast- very little accumulation should occur. The snow that falls should be a very fine powdery type snow with not much moisture content. Take a look at the Satellite image , you can see the spin in the clouds over New Mexico. The black area on the satellite represents dry air- where would the Low be? 

Here is the NAM model showing the very light snow moving in around 11p-1a tonight.


Temperatures look to continue to stay at or below climatology through at least mid January, maybe longer.

Here is today’s Arctic Oscillation index that is still showing the index going into the negative territory after the first of the year- that is an indication of colder air heading South into the Plains and East of the Rockies. This will be the first time it has gone significantly negative since last Spring.

 The CPC came out with their 6-10 day forecast:

  8-14 day :
These forecasts look like typical El Niño forecasts – Southern CA and desert area getting beneficial rains and then moving out into the Central and Southern Plains.

Our LONG RANGE FORECASTING technique shows a potentially Significant storm somewhere close by, late the week of the 3rd.

Let’s watch and see what happens as we head into the New Year.

Questions, please ask- 

Have a good day everyone!

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