Good afternoon Weather Watchers!

First things first- make sure you show your children the Total Supermoon Lunar Eclipse this evening. I remember as a young man how exciting it was to see anything going on in the skies.

It begins at 7:47 PM CDT and enter totality at 9:11 PM CDT. 
 The next one will not occur for 17 years or 2033.

After this evening we stay warm through Wednesday with Chances of Scattered Showers beginning Tuesday/Wednesday overnights. A cool down by Thursday and then a STRONG COLD FRONT by Friday night; bringing additional chances of moisture and highs only in the 60s for next weekend to many areas of the State.

We see an overall cool down for the first week or so of October followed by what appears to be above average temp the 9th-16th.

We should be ready to release our Long Range forecast next week.

It has been lots of  behind the scenes work for Scott and Josh.

Questions, Please ask!!

Enjoy the Lunar Eclipse- Please share your pictures!