Hello Weather Watchers!

Some of you saw and heard your first Thunderstorms last night.
As we begin to warm up and the rich moist air makes it way North we will see more.

Here are the current conditions..
The low is moving East across Southern Kansas with a trailing Cold front ( blue line ) – As that cool front moves past your locations winds will change directions and become NNW.
Fire Weather is EXTREME today in the Areas in Orange and Red- basically the Western 1/2 of the State.

Next- we wanted to show you what the NEW SPC outlooks look like- The image with all the different colors is the outlook.
We have noted what the colors represent.

After this cool front comes through- temps drop into the 50s for Highs Wed and Thurs increasing to the 70s for the weekend.

We have a SLIGHT chance of Lt Rain/Snow Thursday night in Central KS–nothing to get excited about.

Lastly the models have trended the Arctic Air to our EAST — so at this time WE ARE NOT expecting a HARD FREEZE- lows around 30 are possible in Northeast sections of the State – we were concerned a few days ago we would see a Hard Freeze…

Weather Watchers!