Hello Weather Watchers!

Mark your Calendars that the EXTREME ARCTIC COLD will return Feb 10-12th and last around 10-12 days. Why? Because this years cycle is right around 45-50 days.

We know the pattern will remain dry- for those of you who follow the models- they are worthless past 5 days.

Goodland-Dodge City -Wichita- Kansas City are all below normal for precipitation for the last 60-90 days, with most locations seeing less than .25″ of moisture. As we told you last week that deficit will likely continue into the Spring.

Lets show you what moved overhead today….

Looks fairly innocuous doesn’t it?? – This wave will move SSE and become one of the STRONGEST storms of the Winter to possibly affect the US . It only brought us a few high clouds today!! AMAZING!!!

Look what happens over the next 2 days:

A storm forms over the Southeast US which brings ICE and Snow to the Southeast Wednesday into Wednesday evening- LOOK FOR SIGNIFICANT TRAVEL DELAYS AROUND ATLANTA, NORTHERN FLORIDA AND THE COASTAL CAROLINAS AS THIS STORM BOMBS!!

Watches and Warnings:

500mb Winds on Thursday:

Surface Conditions Thursday 3PM:

As the Storm moves North up the Coast it BOMBS!! The actual term which means it intensifies SIGNIFICANTLY is called Bombogenesis – Technically a Storm must intensify or deepen more than 24 mb in a 24 hour period. THIS STORM IS GOING TO DEEPEN MORE THAN THAT!! It is projected to be a 969mb storm at its strongest- that is the strength of a Moderate Hurricane!! AMAZING!!!

If this storm wobbles just 50-75 miles the Coastal Mid Atlantic, New Jersey to New York Northward could be in trouble. If it stays East of the Coast as projected- it’s still will be a powerful system but the Heavy snow and Ice will miss some of the larger Cities- SOMETHING THAT MUST BE WATCHED OVERNIGHT!!

Closer to home…..

We will see a brief warm up into this weekend followed by a glancing blow of Arctic Air by Sunday for areas Central and East – followed by a MUCH BIGGER WARM UP for most of the Central and Southern Plains….